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Clearing Sinuses & Breathing Easy

Clearing sinuses and relieving sinus pressure has never been more simple thanks to Sinus & Allergy Center in Somers Point, New Jersey. Patients have come in to have us diagnose and treat a multitude of issues, including:

Sinus Headaches | Sinus Pressure | Post Nasal Drip | Nasal Congestion | Re-Occurring Sinus Infections
Halitosis | Altered Sense of Smell | Itchy & Watery Eyes | Mouth Breathing | Chronic Fatigue

Sinus Headaches

Effective Sinus Treatments

When you come to Sinus & Allergy Center, you receive a complete physical exam by a board-certified doctor. You only need to see one specialist for the evaluation and treatment, as cutting-edge technology is used to evaluate sinuses with fiber optics, and locate obstructions. If your sinus issues are related to allergies, we are happy to find a unique solution for you.

We can also order a CAT scan to learn more about the obstruction if needed. Once an anatomical obstruction is identified through studies, we can then offer in-house treatment through sinuplasty.